DHS Class of '66,

Thank you for letting me share in your 50th Reunion! I had a great time meeting all of you and getting to take your pictures. All of the photos from both Friday and Saturday have been uploading and are now available in the gallery.

There are two purchase options available for you. First, you can download the digital files for all 346 of the photos from both nights to your computer for $25. You will be able to view the photos on your phone or computer and post them to Facebook. Second, you can order prints of individual photos.

To download all photos

In the photo gallery, you will see a Buy button. After clicking on Buy, you will see options for Prints or Downloads. Click on Downloads to purchase all of the photos from both nights for $25. Then click the Add to Cart button and proceed through the checkout. You will be asked to accept a license agreement which states that you won't resell the photos, then enter you payment info.

To order prints

My website offers prints through a professional print lab which handles all of the printing and delivery. If you would like a print of a particular photo, click on the Buy button while viewing that photo and select Prints. You can then select the size of print you would like.

Group Photos

Most people may want to buy an 8x10 print of one of the group photos. For the class photo and a couple of other groups, I could not fit everyone on an 8x10, so the option is for an 8x12 print. These are available by clicking the Buy button on the individual photo.

If you have any questions or would like to ask about other print options, please contact me at [email protected] or 806-681-8275. I'll be happy to help.

Go Demons!

Click here to view the photos